Cloudatix Business Solutions is a solutions provider that catalyzes the union of "strategy" with "execution" to achieve results faster. Cloudatix is a latin word meaning "To make progress". We persistently strive to accelerate client progress.

Our solutions help bring scalability and sustainability to the growth of businesses through a super-optimal approach. Processes, Technology and Focus are our core strengths that help deliver customer satisfaction.

With a strong technology domain expertise, vast experience managing businesses for global companies and in-depth understanding of the Indian market, we are uniquely positioned to set-up a strong platform for client growth in emerging markets.

Our goal is to serve as the synergist for global corporations in their pursuit to realize the full potential of emerging markets to scale their businesses.


         At Cloudatix, we are trusted advisors to our clients and a harbinger for their growth in unchartered territories.

We help our clients set up and run robust Marketing and Sales operations in India in seamless alignment with their organizational structure, culture and objectives through our turn-key as well as modular offerings.

Our value proposition is:

"Shortened time-to-revenue, end-to-end ownership and sustainable growth through technology-centric, process-driven, tailor-made business solutions that integrate into our client's eco-system in the most seamless way"

We differentiate our partnership with our clients through:

  • Consultative "Strategy to Results" Approach
  • In-depth Eco-System Understanding
  • Seamless Integration with Client Eco-system

IT Services

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